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The die has ersant! E gently ant us, slow curve towards Sennette valley, there far in background.

The other side notes top essay writing services with the same soft undulating, with even majestic scale movement.

Tiny perpendicular valleys, barely given away distance, contributed to all this slope a broad cross ripple that is simply delicious and beyond slope facing us, we sense a new valley digging distant land new hills horizon draw on CJEL very blue, marbled beautiful white clouds, winding lines only their rumps and on any large 's, completely flat, superb medley incredible crop of tree lines, timber-framed dark green, meadows of green clear, long rectangles all possible fields green, interspersed with squares golden gray harvest blonde strips Rye, Barley, Wheat, etc. More looks more we discover, the multicolored checkered on the most distant hills. Background and be our cry gushes That Work! Yes, that small plots land between carefully kept, incubated, we might say, by humble cult ers property which they are the pride for country unknown the vast farms large farms, where labor is almost impersonal.

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What amount of hard work all landscape reveals, efforts Man, glebe efforts. And now suddenly we feel we throb irresistible pride pride Brabant people we belong to, this good earth Brabant pride that leaves easily, peacefully cult er, pride as our beautiful Brabant country we had not until now sufficiently including admired relaxing gentle beauty. Retrace our steps, because it is only to contemplate the panorama that we pushed so far. Instead of wood down, turn right, walk along pineraie then we are heading towards big bru ère that covers vast ground left fallow there is so sterile. Yet growing plants, all closed ranks soil is covered with a continuous carpet Bruyère Calliina viilgaris who gave their name such poor dry land they are fond.

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Rough thick carpet rise, large bushes of a beautiful dark green, of Broom to brush Sarothamnus scopuius.

Here again, the grasses Molinia tufts caeridea the harsh stiff leaves Deschampsia flexiiosa whose fine inflorescences are satin effect on any heath, a bright gauzy veil.

By land, various lichens, which we will study day curious structure. And that's all monotonous vegetation, desolate territory, similar to heath we saw on Brussel, at Linkel eek.

The plants here are very undemanding juisqu'elles peuxent v re in poor soil minerals. must be said, however, that rather they deprive v v ent, because all plant functions they are slowed their growth is extremely slow, transpiration is very high because affaibUe reduced leaf area.

Note also that these species vegetate slowly, they make all year, so to speak, that they also use low energy sun h er to assimilate carbon continue feeding. These heather plant is made resignation plant. It almost glad nothing, it works tirelessly to v barely oter. It's the small, the humble, the workers plant kingdom. It settles where nothing else was growing in the most arid environments, the most miserable. it flourishes anyway! Curiously, need help with scholarship essay common app essay help move these plants, provide them pay for essay cheap with good soil, well watered, although fertile, rich minerals, they will dépaysées they will shrivel as soon poisoned by excess food. They are well adapted to their miserable environment, they die when the moment Let's stop this vast middle daughter ère deserted wild. Massart we quickly summarize the main essay editor online aspects of plant stations we ère The daughter-in which we find ourselves, the pitiful fields of Apples Rye earth pineraie we went through earlier, Oila three expressions equ alentes soil aridity sterility.




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