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Ah! here! exclaims someone.

The famous Mushroom is discovered.

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has a strange shape with its conical cap worn on the foot quite high.

See phot. XY'I. No, but as stinks !. The most delicate of us get blocked nose making grimace. But why does it perfumes as well ?.

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Silence!. A buzz in the air is a fly that passes, just put ghost writer for college papers on Ylthyphallns.

She walks there is a few moments these big blue flies, say meat flies Calliphora. Ah! Here are other insect who comes to visit our mushroom as we know, it's big beetle bright blue black Geotrnpes sylvaticus common in our woods that lives mainly on the feces, hence its name Bousier. That is the case Vlthyphallus the smell attracts insects, which are fond of dishes releasing special aroma. What interest is Fungus? You souvenezvous of Ariim we saw in Sonian Forest which, too, spread the same smell? We learned then that this property secured their visit fecundators hire someone to write my essay Insects. is roughly writing custom essays the same for Y ITHY phallus that's it. You know Mushroom hat, this is the body that carries the spores, ie seeds. Well ! Flies the Dung-beetles that leave fool perfume so promising Xlîhyphallus task, walking on the odd cap, a multitude microscopic spores then they will disseminate all sides during their walks in wood.

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Fungus among so insects are not used, as in XWriini, fecundators of agents, but the wooded slope that we climb gradually flattens same time soil changes swamp. Marsh Ln here on top? But certainly did not paradoxical that we believe the first. The upper Ypresian on which we contains multiple beds of clay, thick enough doctoral dissertation writing service to not let pass through seepage. Above the clay extend Ypresian sand layers mixed with sand Brusselian we know well field coli stituted only quartz grains therefore as sterile as possible remains waterlogged due impermeable layer underlying all the necessary conditions for formation of a marsh flora are realized own genre station to settle here. But from first glance, sees that face this flora is different than some places very wet we have already encountered elsewhere, such as the base of Flosses at Red Monastery phot. And we just go through background in same wood Oisquercq. It is that there, in Sonian forest, moist soil is made fertile by the modern alluvial valleys, which can fuel ash trees, the oaks, the Prêles and many other species all very demanding terms of food.




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