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L re White, not indicating corpses found in eighth pit number stating that it had yet to extend, left the jury doubt as to the exact number discovered body, allowed Reich propaganda continue to use figure. was false. WHO ARE THE ASSASSINS Katyn? In fact, the. bodies found advertised officially added those who could find in eighth pit, out on the basis of the calculations of the first seven dimensions and many bodies inside, arr e in total.

corpses. It is far from.

German propaganda! On these.

body. were identified almost all the names of these officers were on the missing list first established during the reconstitution Anders army surrender by General Sikorski Marshal Stalin in December.

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On these. Officers.

came, according to this list, Kozelsk camp Starobelsk of essay marking service Ostashkov. The fact that they found officers from Starobelsk of Ostashkov perhaps was a mistake because list was established in memory.

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On the other hand, some officers who were in these two camps start their capt ity, had transferred the Kozelsk camp had, beginning of April, approximately. prisoners. On number, were brought to camp Pavlichtchev Bor Griazowietz then, as we have seen previously while the other is about to say. men were leaving for Gniesdovo where they were to disappear at any Comparing list of officers at Katyn identified with that of the Polish General Staff, as well as comparing the number of bodies found in Katyn with the missing officers Kozelsk camp arr e to conclusion that the custom writing men buried at Katyn are those who were evacuated Kozelsk camp in April It is worth to note here is almost unknown, but whose importance is considerable.

He had Kozelsk a woman pilot Lieutenant Polish ebook writing service aviation. But when reporters visited Katyn in April, buy essay online they were informed that a woman's body had been found in the re L medical personal statement writing service White, however, not mention the discovery. Why ? Because the Germans, unaware that I could find fem Kozelsk camp, did not want to talk, fearing that this revelation ébranlât their argument that the bodies found at Katyn were those of officers If they had they had not missed to highlight a fact which became another proof how probative. Another point worth mentioning. Documents found at Katyn, diaries, letters, etc. and cigarette holders and cigarette holders, mention any name Kozelsk. If prisoners of Starobelsk Ostacbkov were buried in Katyn, we would have certainly found similar documents mentioning We can ask what happened to those prisoners who had never news. The fate that was reserved for the Poles three camps offer a striking resemblance.




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