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Augustine directs quits Christian Yaction nothing is still current. The modern world of inise Taction, above all, the Americans with capital A small a, even Catholics. I blame not the contrary! present their master to strengthen St.

Augustine! was active.

any field words written. works! It was employed, self-made! party of an average condition! This mystical haunted solitude was creator of wonderful works, a director very absorbed by business, destructive heresy of schism, host monasticism deep prodigious author, equal to height Plato thought. He was also a great builder, builder rhumanité! Here master those providential mission to build a new world. They have hands, perhaps the material means but spiritual means? Let us hear Augustine! For the cities, we first learn that Yobjet quintessential action, the men, humanity. The ancients dreamed World, the One ers, Kosmos! The modern sense are more positive they bring all to material, production, economy.

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Communism has entered the same way, but with a clean chit, which force even the illusion is great claims to work much mass, crowd, in fact, real estate Christian worthy action, even on Earth plane is the man.

This is the man to think, even in the most material business! Everything is for Thomme, because man is God! because man is created true king. But this royalty is subject! Voiià the essential conditions all act lasting fruitful ity! The supreme law of the cities is Yamour again St. Augustine gives masterless al r! Defines e, only two loves, beginning we said love God so love! one pushed to hate God raised up another self forgetfulness, God filling all! even in love with man, for it is man that God wants to be loved.

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Between the two extremes are many degrees, even socially, but we have every intermediate degree can find this action of two loves fighting. Human love in the re lurmême tends to material buried his victims! Uamour of approaches in the hills helps man to climb even research paper writing help on the earth plane when celurci is envisaged in truth, as a springboard to a better life. Christ Roi city of ine, it animates presence gives obedient earthly city members to its inspirations, something best writing services spiritual strength, that fruitful source of real companies, even in the social order! Here achieves fullness great law spirituality gustinienne ama fac quod vis! like do want that! Love God wilt that he wants to do all he wants! as will power. Love will prevent you deviate, like father made ready to punish her child, who can keep the measure, if he likes! this is a standard erselle love! measurement of duties to perform, measuring forces. Love is all-powerful for good when it comes God leads to God.

It was he who Have we said everything? No.

still raise concerns that can serve synthesis summarize all this is the optimism I hear Christian optimism explain. Theologians, bent over their professional paper writer tomes, discovered that Augustine spoke much original sin. But it is also found that, at least inspired, this formula liturgy, just about original sin felix culpa, happy fault! Happy sin that earned us as Redeemer Christ! In this optimistic cry, bold almost to excess! And that's all thanks Augustine trickles optimism all practical writings, life rules. Now, it is life that is the rest, even on a theoretical level, too long neglected philosophy, which is itself a powerful radiating optimism. Platonism mainly Christian Platonism, which was great promoter in the Church, is a doctrine of optimism, frenzied Plotinus, usa essay writing services Augustine brought a wise measure, but still powerfully marked professional grad school essay writers the spiritual vitality that is more authentic translation Opposite specifically modern pessimism doctrinaire, including Messrs. Sartre Camus, Heidegger Jaspers are the promoters, St.




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