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It has affected the Englishspeaking from the Canadian community more than the Frenchspeaking hand. For Those Who Are The English group out cam, one, two, or three generations ago.

They came carve out a place for Themselves in a country much offert That Those Who Were Prepared Themselves adapted the hard demands a country has wide extent in the raw.

They law school personal statement writing service Were a practical, pioneering people, and the practical things Expressed in school and college. They-have Proved Themselves Applied great scientists.

The development the resources the country up to recent years HAS beens Largely in Their Hands. They laid stress-have science, mathematics, engineering.

From a Standpoint Purely material, the emphasis who can write my research paper HAS paid. Canada has come for the forehead as an industrial, manufacturing and has a trading nation at a speed i need help to write a essay no one qui Could Have Foreseen With Any reasonable assurance half a century ago. We-have reason for self-congratulation. Purpose can not Said That equal prominence has-beens g in language and literature, philosophy, to the fine arts, religion as has-beens g Science and Applied Science. We the English-speaking community are not distinguished by our fine sense language, our philosophical insight, our deep religious sense. There the threat That May Become our cultural Somewhat hard, inflexible, materialistic, if too serious an unbalance created. Prosperity best college application essay writers website to buy research papers continues May have, for Canada HAS rich yet uncover, and our people are able making the THE COORDINATION OF CANADIAN HIGHER EDUCATION fullest use em. Prosperity in Itself Does not foster college essay service the finer things the mind, though the material comforts Greatly add the amenities l ing. As yet Rely more the imagination the scientist than the vision the poet.

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The French Canadian background different.

There a history of three centuries l ing in Canada. There has-been has deep attachment the Church, and an educational system devised in wide measure to ge The Necessary background Those Who Desired enter the Priesthood.

The languages, ancient and modern, philosophical and metaphysical studies, and instruction in religion Provided the basis of the curriculum in the classical colleges, qui-have Established Themselves as the preparatory colleges for the professional work in the one ersities. The physical and biological sciences-have occupied, until, Recently, a less prominent spot, and-have-been taken at a later training courses in the sequence than has-been the case in the English-speaking schools and a ersities. Clearly there are two different philosophies education in Canada. They are different in school, in college, in a ersity. It not out place this analysis Somewhat more étroitement position, in order to see whether closer coordination educational policies might not advantage Greater Canada. It Would unfortunate if Those Who are in Canadian educational life and development Who are aware the Latin and Anglo-Saxon culture, cultivation under Canadian skies, shoulds not take the best endeavor both, and integrate into a balanced whole.




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