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Oh ! curious little pictures, delicious little scenes that are in great silent forest all the beasts that run, jump, fly, prepare pm ernal sleep, all these plants die, fall asleep, But who cares in town OII concentrate lives tiring noisy men? Person probably thinks the nearby forest fairy beauties nobody thinks to go watch sleep.

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Well ! However ! some townspeople thought.

They know little about their beautiful Sonian forest, they begin to understand wonderful intense life they decided Directions Sunday with their master who knows the mysteries. Oh ! we mocked them! Qu'irez best custom essay writing you then see Labasa? Dry branches, paper writing service superiorpapers dead leaves, mud? But they smiled, people who know guess.

Full of curiosity, they are put road, tram deposited them crossroads four major forest avenues in Quatre Bras, OII they came once, spring, right away they enter high forest all lined wild rustling leaves. The benevolent Forest recognizes Friends, she said, the extensionists that spring came to watch me awake. A little prying, these people, but not too bad nor too troublesome. Let us their kind welcome. And she drops them beautiful blessings golden leaves.

So here we are under tall trees yellowing we taste deeply splendor. We walk without cause for fear we break charm that seems supernatural magic. Spreading ourselves looking through the grass under foot foam of the trees are of h er beloved by forest dwelling critters.

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A spade blow heel kick then we reveal mysterious retreats.

A foam plate raised us discover the Dung-beetles Geotnifes sylvaticus similar to those we saw recently on Xlthyfhallus to Oisquercq.

They are there numb and they do ent find rather bad feeling suddenly surrounded the cold October air, the ones who were well shaded by moss. These Dung-beetles, so spend the first hour in perfect condition next spring, they will have to leave their refuge will resume their walks through the woods. But for the in-stant, they are removed sleep world.

Do not disturb more, forgive english editing service foam plate right place. Eh! but no, wait! This Gcotnipcs paraphrasing in english spilled back wearing something cheap custom term paper red, there on belly are not that small animals? Look are mites, many who v ent and the Dung-beetles formerly confused them under partnership Ciarmisits coleoptrato And what are they doing there on ventie Bousier? Give him they itch, are you? as well, it's mite which is to Man a lot of other mammals that pleasant disease. No, we are here presence of these amusing stories as if in meeting both the mite, indeed, moved on Geotrufes but not parasitic, makes him no wrong, is that wholesale Beetle as ball mount dirigible. ?? This little mite feeds, too, feces, small but not allow it to move easily would be difficult to find out where are the food of choice. So you see here has the advantage to be transported by Bousier which itself has good foot, good eye, right wing, all day long, looking for droppings and other travel genre waste. As the mite issue is it the big fat Bousier inseparable companion, a small weight TWC. hardly. When bad weather occurs, the mite, confident Bousier sagacity, to be led dent retreat where taste with good rest mount Elsewhere in foam still, we discover the Caribbean, Beasts to God.




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